Locations in Crete

Crete the largest and most Southerly of all the Greek islands. Its elongated and very narrow in parts, with mountains, plateaus, and an endless supply of beaches.

The northern coast is highly developed in contrast to the south which is still very cultural. Over nine months of sunshine a year, one of the healthiest climates in Europe, breathtaking views, a secure style of life, and relaxing atmosphere it could be your ideal home.

The summer is very special in Crete, starting in May with a temperate climate with the possibilty of rain. Quickly moving into June, with sunshine and temperatures in the high 30's centigrade throughout the summer until mid september.

The winter has many warm days full of sunshine allowing you to walk the deserted beaches, small narrow roads, dead tourist resorts without a care in the world.

See our page Climate in Crete

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