Travelling to Crete

Flights to Chania Airport

Chania Airport is the main airport serving Western Crete, We recommend Chania for convenience as Heraklion Airport is 2 hours away. Chania airport is generally efficient fairly new and modern, with a decent car park, regular taxi service and a good landing strip.

Charter flights to Chania from the UK run mainly to provide transport for package holidays, excess seats are sold off on a flight only basis. The cost of these seats is usually cheap when compared to scheduled flights.

Charter airlines can offer cheap flights to Chania by providing more restricted services than the major scheduled airlines. Charter flights to Crete will run every Tuesday from 2nd May to 28th October, to book a flight an option is to Book your flights on

British Airways through their subsidiary GBAirways are flying direct from London Gatwick to Heraklion from the 28 March until the end of October, there will be 4 to 5 scheduled flights per week bookable online at British Airways.

In the winter you need to book a scheduled flight to Athens and then take a local flight from Athens to Chania, there can be some waiting time, but the flight to Chania is very quick takeoff and landing in less than an hour.

There are two main airlines which provide flights from Athens to Chania Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airlines, for flights to Athens there is British Airways or even maybe a cheaper option like Easyjet.

Driving to Crete

Many have taken the option to drive to Crete with all their belongings in car or van and even caravan. Some say it was fantastic and others say never again, especially the Italian motorway. If you have driven to Crete and wish to share your experience with others we will put it here in this space below.

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