Health Book in Crete

In Crete the health book is required if you want to start running a business or intend to work in a shop, bar, or taverna you will need a health book.

We strongly advise that you get a heath book as its necessary and without one is very risky as it could lead to problems with the authorities, its your responsibility to make sure that you are covered by the law.

The requirements for obtaining a health book involves various tests (including an X-ray) at your local hospital and a visit to the medical office in Crete.

Once issued it is a valuable document to have, don't lose it, as to get it, there are numerous trips to the local hospital for tests, for infectious diseases and is very time consuming.

Currently, we believe that this procedure is getting more complex than before as now a visit to the IKA office and IKA Doctor are now included. Which probably means you will need to give the name of your employer. If you are self-employed, you probably need to prove that you have insurance.

A Cretan hospital is not the best of places to visit its better to go with someone who has the experience.

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