Media in Crete

Television in Crete

Television in Crete is a lot different to the UK, although getting better gradually. Adverts tend to be very very long and most films are in English with greek subtitles, try reading the subtitles it can improve your understanding of the greek language.

The TV licence is included in your electric bill 39 euro per year.

[Updated - 25/09/2011] -> Is now 50.88 euro per year.

Satellite Television

You can get Sky TV although in specific locations and you may need a large dish, its best to consult a satellite technication before you investing your money. There is an alternative Greek company called NOVA. Its similar to SKY with several film, sports, kids and news channels, including BBC World news. The films are in english with a premier everyday at 10pm and live Premier League football at the weekend with english commentary.

Nova costs 149 euro for installation and 55.40 euros per month.

[Updated - 25/09/2011] ->full packet of channels now costs 62 euros per month.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> The cost of the equipment is now €129.00


Athens News is an English lanaguage newspaper with greek news and lots articles of interest.

Athens News

English newspapers are available in the main towns and in tourist resorts during the season and in Crete there are no paperboys.

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