Road Tax in Crete

The amount you pay for your road tax Crete increases with the size of your car engine. You should get a letter from the Crete tax office with a bill for your next years road tax, take this and your log book to your bank and they will issue you with a new sticker for your windscreen after you have paid of course.

If for some reason you do not get a letter you must make a trip to your tax office. When you enter the office try to find the window that issues bills (the tax office will issue you a bill for any reason even if you want to make a donation - nice place). Its the window where someone is constantly printing out blue coloured sheets of paper. When you have found it hand over your car registration paper and get your bill.

Next find the cash desk, this easy to fimd look for a line of people holding money in one hand and a blue sheet of paper in the other hand. Having paid your road tax, look for a window where they issue the stickers, look around for people who were in front of you at the cash desk. Thats it, so simple.

The tax office in Crete is usually busy at this time as everybody is paying for there road tax at the same time. The reason for this is you must get your road tax before the end of the year. If you do not, and try to pay after December 31st, there is a penalty for late payment. You will end up paying double for your road tax, also take into account Christmas and the New year holidays when the office is closed. Better to get your tax early December, and in the tax office try not to get behind someone who has a rent a car business.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> A few years ago an additional tax was levied based on the age of the car, the older the car the higher the tax and is included as a separate line on the road tax bill.

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