Household in Crete

Our household pages contain a wealth of information about services that support your household in Crete.

Like the basic utilities electricity, gas and water that are connected to your home in Crete every country has a different system for providing and charging for their services to get a better idea of what to expect based on current information from Crete take a look at the questions below to see if you know the answer?:

  • How much does electricity cost?
  • Is there Council tax in Crete?
  • Do I need a security system for my house in Crete?
  • Can I get the internet and how?
  • What about getting Eastenders and Sky Sports!
  • Is there a gas system in Crete?
  • Can I use a hose pipe?
  • Is it cold in the winter?
  • Do I need a heating system in the winter?
  • How much is the TV license?
  • Can I get newspapers in English delivered to my house?
  • What satellite systems operate in Crete?
  • Can you get ADSL in Crete and how?

The answers to these questions are all here

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