Taxis in Crete

Taxis in the Chania region are modern and mostly "Mercedes" silver-grey or dark blue in colour, the drivers are very polite and the majority speak english.

There are many taxis available all day and can be hailed down in the road, they will often beep you if you are walking along a remote area, don't feel affended, they are only trying to be helpful just in case you are lost and need to get home.

Taxi ranks can be found in most towns and some villages in Crete. If you are in Chania and need a taxi the main taxi rank is located in the central square Platea 1866. Make sure that the driver knows your exact destination, keep a note of your address to show taxi driver and always ask the price before you get in to the taxi.

You will pay extra for taxis from the airport, bus station, and if called for by telephone. Over the Christmas and new year holidays, tips are compulsory and there is minimum amount that you must pay, according to note that is displayed on the dashboard.

In the evening and late at the night in Crete it can be a bit more difficult to find a taxi, if you need one, walk into any a bar or tavern that's open and ask them to call you a taxi. Most will do it for you gladly, especially if you order a few shots.

Like everywhere else, in Crete the after mid-night price is a lot higher and tips are up to you.

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