Internet in Crete

The internet in Crete can be a little bit expensive, but if you look around you will find some reasonable prices for an internet connection. Internet Service Providers have a selection of products from prepaid cards, subscription services, a choice of lines from dial up service to wired options. If you have a telephone line, getting a connection is fairly simple.

Dial Up

There are two charges for going online using a dial up connection, a subscription fee charged by the provider and connection charges.

Subscription Fees

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> The cost of subcription is complicated and depends on what you need, this page from Forthnet gives all the details although not all that easy to understand.

Connection charges

for the telephone are 35 cents per hour at peak rates and 17 cents per hour off peak rates 10pm-7.0am.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> The cost of connection is now 0.8856 cents per hour anytime.


Digital subscriber lines are available, but the faster the service the higher the set up and subscription costs.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> The cost of ADSL from Forthnet is €25.74 and Hellas Online Internet ADSL €20.10, but Forthnet include a wireless router free and HOL charge €4.50, other providers include Wind, VIVODI Telcom, OTE

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