Household Utilities in Crete


The electricity supply during the season is fairly constant, but during the winter and spring, there can be frequent power cuts, sometimes lasting several hours. Make sure you keep a good stock of candles, oil lamps you will need them.

The electricity bill comes every two months and includes your council tax and TV licence.

The price of electricity is around 7 cents per unit, council tax is 1.12 euro per sq meterage of your house per year and the TV licence costs 39 euro per year.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> Price of electricity is now 8 cents per unit with a standing charge of €7.53 excluding VAT @ 23%, Council tax is now €1.25 per square metre and the TV licence is €51.


In Crete gas is supplied by your local shop in metal cannisters unfortunately there is no delivery service. Gas is used for heaters and is good alternative to electric for cooking, its a far cheaper option as it lasts for 6-8 weeks useage, although you still need an electric oven to cook the Sunday roast.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> Price of a gas bottle is €20.

[Updated - 18/08/2013] -> Price of a gas bottle is €21.


Water is in good supply, you can use a hosepipe and drink the tap water as much as you want. The water bill comes from the local council yearly.

[Updated - 08/10/2011] -> The water bill is now quarterly and is 38 cents per cubic metre.

[Updated - 18/08/2013] -> The price per cubic metre is now 48 cents.

Waste disposal

At home we have our own wheely bin and the rubbish men come and empty it. Here there is no wheely bin, you will find a big bin somewhere in the road, you need to transport your bin bags to the big bin, usually not too far away. Getting rid of a fridge or old matress, the system is the same just move it next to the big bin.

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