Location - Platanias

Platanias is the main tourist resort in West Crete located 10km West of the city of Chania.

It is an attractive holiday resort with excellent services and beautiful views and of course a sandy beach. Here you can sunbathe yourself with the Cretan sun and the local atmosphere. A very busy tourist resort with many luxury hotels, apartments and simple rooms with an amazing choice of restaurants, tavernas, bars and discotheques.

Platanias is well connected with a frequent bus and taxis services from Chania. There are many shops of all different varieties during the summer mainly tourist orientated all of which close in the winter, except for the supermaket, Bank, Post Office, and betting shop.

In the winter the village is deserted quiet and very peaceful in contrast to the summer when there is a large influx of tourists. Living near to Platanias has its benefits as you can choose when to visit the vibrant summer crowd or stay in the quiet of your own home. Platanias has the only Bank and Post Office that is open except for Chania in the region.

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