Bus service and timetables for Chania bus station

Bus Service

Crete has an extensive network of buses. The national bus service KTEL now have coaches not buses and still operate them as buses.

The Crete national bus company KTEL provide a cheap and relatively reliable service. Most of the coaches are brand new and fully air conditioned, the drivers are very professional and accidents are very rare.

The local service runs regular during the summer and less frequent in the winter. The timetable is not always kept to and if you are waiting for a bus for longer than half an hour keep waiting, a bus will come eventually. If a relatively empty bus passes you by do not be alarmed it means that there is another one directly behind. Don't forget to flag the bus down. Most of the buses are green and have their destination on the front.

Chania bus station

Chania bus station is nothing but chaos, nobody knows which bus is going to which destination. OK, buses have numbers, but there is no link between a bus number and a destination, it changes everyday. A few minutes before buses are about to leave, there is usually a long annoucement of a list of bus numbers and their destinations.Listen carefully for your destination,and when you think you have found the right bus, ask first before getting on. If the bus is not over crowded, its cheap and comfortable, if its crowded, make sure you start to get to the exit, in good time, before your stop. Enjoy your trip in a Crete Bus.

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Chania - Bus timetables

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