Banking services and Post office

The Crete banking system offers the majority of services that you would expect from any Bank in Europe, including user friendly cash machines, internet and telephone banking, credit cards, loans and mortage services.

Opening an account

You will need your passport and some money, most banks require a small cash sum to open an account, this varies from bank to bank.

The banks are open Monday to Thursday 8am to 2pm and close on Fridays at 1.30pm

You will sometimes need your passport when making withdrawals in person, and there maybe charges made on cashpoint withdrawals, its always best to check all charges. Interest rates are currently very low and interest is credited to your account twice a year.

Alpha Bank 400

This is the traditional savings account, ensuring security and returns on the money deposited, including free debit and ATM card.... more information

Credit Cards

Most banks in Crete issue credit cards for their customers, you do not need to bank with a specific financial institution to obtain a credit card, to apply for a credit card, most banks will ask for your passport and your last tax return with the application.

There are alternatative cards, a charge card requires you pay your balance in full, or debit cards, which automatically deduct payment from your bank account.

Web Banking

Banks in Crete offer a web banking service that allows you to pay your bills over the internet, check to see if your bank offers this service, it saves a lot of time as its quick and easy. ...more information from Alpha Bank  Credit Cards  Web Banking

Postal Service

The postal service does not go as far as your letter box. In Crete its a little different, especially out of town, because there are no addresses to individual houses and no street names or house numbers, your address becomes the nearest Post Office.

One way to keep your post safe is to rent a PO BOX number otherwise your mail will in a box next to the Post Office counter.

The majority of your bills can be paid at the Post Office in cash. On most bills there is date by which you must pay, after this date you cannot pay at the Post Office. You must go to the main office in Chania.

Currency Exchange
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