Living in Crete

Living in Crete is now becoming a popular trend with the British and many other European countries, not just as an attractive holiday destination, but as a viable place to live.

On this website, we have two main objectives-:

  • To provide information on the fundementals of living in Crete;
  • and publish property for sale across the whole of Crete

The information gathered here is for your benefit, we have been in Crete for 10 years and want to share our experiences. There could be many things that you are interested in like health, driving or shopping all the pages are aimed at giving you an insight on the details of how things work.

For those not familiar with Crete the map below shows the four main cities in Crete. We are based near Chania and therefore our information will be biased to Western Crete, but should apply in principle across the entire island of Crete.

Clicking on a marker or a link you will get a mini-map of the city center.

The full size version of this map is on our locations page.

The first part of Cretan Advice is the Living in Crete pages, including what we have called the household, which has information on everything associated with a home in Crete, like how to deal with the utilities, electric, gas and water, the telephone, media and most important heating

Probably the biggest single decision you will be making is to purchase a property in Crete, therefore the second distinct part of our website is our property section, which is growing very fast and we encourage you to visit the Crete Property Map.

The map is based on technology from Google, enabling us to plot exact locations in Crete down to the village level. Our property search page is just the same information without the map.

We are by no means an estate agency, but just providing the current information from whats available on the market. Agents and construction companies are in contact with us on a week to week basis.

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